The Simonton Method – a psico oncological approach for persons with cancer and their families

Luisa Merati, MD
Background: Dr. O. Carl Simonton, an internationally acclaimed psico-oncologist pioneered the field of psyco-oncology and is well known for the first systematic emotional intervention used in counselling cancer patients and their families – a model of emotional support which is considered to complete the conventional medical treatment. He taught his method in different countries in America, Europe and Asia. Methods: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, mental change of unhealthy inner convictions, Guided Imagination, exercises for awareness and mediation, communication strategies (Marshall Rosenberg) Results: The Therapy directly addresses all spheres of human existence – emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social and spiritual. Our strategies We focus on individual resources to support patients and their support in increasing hope, trust, joy and peace of mind. The participants are supported to reflect their priorities in life and to increase awareness and – if needed – to change their life style. Conclusion: Participants have a better understanding of their needs and resources and increase their quality of life and learn how to communicate in a good way. In this way they support their health and reduce negative side effects of treatment.